to encounter Jesus
We are passionate about encountering God’s Glory: The tangible presence of Heaven, the breath-taking beauty of Jesus, and the fascinating work of the Holy Spirit.

That’s why we build spaces, places and atmospheres where people are set on fire for the deeper things of God, carrying the new, authentic sound of Heaven everywhere they go. We long for a generation that truly knows and represents Jesus well bringing healing to a broken world.

The time for revival in Germany is now. Are you ready?
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What we want to see

Revival happens when we become Glory Houses by being passionate about Jesus and cultivating breakthroughs in these five areas:
We are made to encounter God to cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with Him, knowing Him and experiencing his manifest glory through prayer & worship. We owe the world an encounter with a loving God who transforms lives. 
We love the Word of God and yearn to grow deeper in biblical understanding and theologically sound doctrine – because we know that His truth sets us free. For this reason we develop training materials for an army of revivalists to transform our thinking, emotions and will.
The God of the Bible is supernatural. As followers of Jesus we are equipped with His Holy Spirit and love to see Him move in power. Therefore we train ourselves to walk in a supernatural lifestyle releasing His love to everyone we meet and let God flow through us with healings and miracles, signs and wonders, deliverances and prophecy. 
We are a family on a mission! Our hunger for Him keeps us moving and growing in love to be carriers of hope and to represent the King well. We are an army that fights for what was lost and stolen. Through partnering with the Holy Spirit, we set the captives free and become cultural architects that point the world to Jesus and the power of the Cross.
Beauty is powerful! That’s why we show the world His goodness by creating beautiful spaces, places, things and products. Thereby people can see the beauty of God and get a taste of the atmosphere of heaven (through interior design, graphic design, product developement and visual storytelling). It is His goodness that leads to repentance. Bring on a fresh renaissance for His Glory.
We are in the middle of the planting phase. Interested in the latest news? 
Here are our channels:
“Goddard's keen editorial eye and singular literary voice have made her one of the most admired bloggers on the Web.”
“We love Kaitlyn for her tell-it-like-it-is posts on motherhood and her genius finds from around the web.”
“We love Kaitlyn for her tell-it-like-it-is posts on motherhood and her genius finds from around the web.”
“We love Kaitlyn for her tell-it-like-it-is posts on motherhood and her genius finds from around the web.”
“We love Kaitlyn for her tell-it-like-it-is posts on motherhood and her genius finds from around the web.”
“We love Kaitlyn for her tell-it-like-it-is posts on motherhood and her genius finds from around the web.”
“We love Kaitlyn for her tell-it-like-it-is posts on motherhood and her genius finds from around the web.”


Is the Glory House a church?
No and yes. If you are expecting a traditional church with Sunday services at the center, you will be disappointed with us. The Glory House sees itself as an expression of church and also includes a community ("Revival Tribe"), but we feel an urgency within us to reach out especially to the younger generation, Gen Y and Gen Z, who live in analog and digital worlds alike.

With that, old is not bad per se. But with Covid at the latest, a new era has dawned that needs new forms of church. As in the houses of prayer, prayer is the foundation of everything else for us - it is always about the relationship with God and His presence among us. Teaching and training are also equally important to us, as is healthy fellowship. These are exactly core elements of church, see Acts 2:42-47. The best way to describe this form of church is the term "revival hotspot": a kind of crossover between prayer house, training center, community/"tribe" and creative lab.

And yes, we know that we don't really fit into the existing boxes of church :-).
What exactly do you mean by "revival"?
Initiator and driving force of true revival is always the Spirit of God. The term "revival" includes at least two dimensions: First dimension is the individual side, being personally awakened and made alive to God's heartbeat. This spreads, ideally to a group, region, city or even an entire nation with its social sectors; this is the second dimension of "revival".

"Revival happens," Bill Johnson writes, "where heaven comes to earth, in the most beautiful and practical way." This is what we long for, and this is what we mean by "revival."
What is the "glory of God"?
God's "glory" ultimately encompasses everything that constitutes His being, practically the greatest possible intensity of God's experienceable being on earth - including signs and wonders, healings of all kinds and encounters with Him in the most diverse forms. However, the term " being" is very abstract. Therefore, the Bible has already tried to describe this being of God as best as possible. In Hebrew the word "Kavod" has emerged, which in its original language means "weight" or also "richness" or "fullness": God is and has the fullness of everything good per se; and when His presence shapes the atmosphere or the space, it happens not seldom that you perceive a heaviness (for a reason a typical prayer posture is the one on the knees, because at some point you can't stand anymore). In the Greek language (of the Old and New Testament) the term "doxa" has prevailed, behind which aspects like "brightness", "beauty", "splendor", "radiance" - or even "glory" can be found.  
Are you already looking for volunteers and co-laborers?
Everything we do revolves around God's presence and His operations. Therefore, we start everything we do with prayer and prophetic words. The Glory House further carries a pioneer culture because we are walking new paths with God. So stability and uniformity are certainly not our highest values. What we stand for is: Freedom, risk-taking, courage, adventurousness, moving forward, trying things out, and taking new ground. In everything we do, we want to seek God, trust in Him, and lean on His strength and provision.

If this appeals to you, then you have come to the right place. Please contact us! We are still in the preparation phase, but we would love to connect with you.
Durch wen werde ich bei Euch pastoral begleitet? 

Wir sind es gewohnt, dass wir als Gemeindemitglieder von einer Person betreut werden (Pfarrer/in, Pastor/in usw.). Die Bibel spricht jedoch vom sog. ”Priestertum aller Gläubigen” (vgl. 1 Petr 2,9): Jede/r kann und soll sich darum direkt mit Gott connecten, weil Jesus der ultimative Hirte und Arzt ist.  Das ist eins unserer wichtigsten Aufgaben im Glory House, Menschen dabei zu helfen, sich mit Gott zu connecten und Seine Stimme zu hören.

Darum schätzen wir mit dem sog. “fünffältigen Dienst” (vgl. Eph 4,11ff.) ein Leitungsmodell, durch das alle Christen trainiert und für ihren Dienst freisetzt werden sollen. Leitung ist also klar von Gott eingesetzt, so auch im Glory House. Ziel ist die Spannung zwischen gesunden Grenzen (nicht jede/r darf bei uns alles), gesünder werden, der Befähigung zu dienen und als Christ für andere da zu sein. Denn das ist der Kern pastoraler Tätigkeit, für andere da zu sein, damit Menschen ihre Not überwinden, stabiler werden und selbst für andere da sein können. Und genau das soll jeder von uns tun, nicht bloß der Leiter oder die Pastorin. Die Strukturen dazu werden wir nach und nach entwickeln.
Is it possible to book you?
Sure :-). Whether for the "typical " sermon, a seminar day, up to longer-term partnerships to existing local churches, many things are imaginable. This is because we love to serve existing churches that are hungry for more of God's work. Whatever the format, just email us and we can figure out together what makes sense and is feasible.